Timber is America's only Renewable Resource

Attention Land Owners:

If you own forested property, you own the only renewable natural resource this country has. Managing this precious natural resource can reap benefits now and for years to come.

Lakewood Products is a hard wood saw mill located in Williamstown, New York. Our state of the art facility produces grade lumber from raw materials (logs). We purchase standing timber from local landowners.

With your permission, we can walk your property and assess the value of your resources. Lakewood Products will send a forest technician that has over twenty years experience in forest management, who is also recognized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Lakewood Products continues to manage forest property for the long run. That means properly managed forests will provide economic benefits now and even more important, for years down the road.

Managed forests provide more than economic value. They also enhance recreation aspects and provide a better wildlife habitat. Being the owner of forested land, you might think timber harvesting is not forest management. Let us explain how much it can benefit your property.

Proper timber management means selecting mature trees to be removed. This is known as crown thinning, a process that unlocks the best growth potential and produces growing room for the residual crop of trees.

In this process, we also remove smaller, undesirable trees, ice damaged trees and those affected by high wind. These cutting practices result in rapid growth of the remaining trees which in turn generates more value for the landowner in a shorter amount of time. Everyone wins - including the wildlife.

Timber management benefits:

* Improved white tail deer habitat is created after a timber harvest.
* Wild turkey will also benefit by providing nesting refuge and abundant food availability.
* Increased access through your property from trails created during harvest.
* Keeping boundary lines clearer and more visible.
* Helping you get the most capital return on your natural resource.